Family business since 1968

The company Garage A. Moor sprl was built in 1968 by Alfred Moor (graduated in mechanical diagnostics and repairing) and is up to today a pure familly guided enterprise.


Near the inspection- and repairing-service for cars of all brands, Alfred Moor specialized himself early in business and repairing-service for Mercedes-Benz cars. Completed was the offer by the activities paint-finishing-system, autobody and tire-service.  


In 1993, Birgit Moor, the daughter of Alfred Moor, became responsible for accounting and administration of the company. With the entering of more and more electronic parts in the car technology, investing in diagnostic tools became necessary to stay in contact with market development. Of course the technical staff is regularly trained.


In 2003 the company was taken over by Andreas Peil and Birgit Peil-Moor (both graduated in Marketing and economical sciences) so that the follow up of the enterprise was guaranteed. E-business and further specialization on the brand Mercedes-Benz were the consequences. Mainly direct dealing with Mercedes, without intermediary, reduced the prices with the simultaneous increase of quality.


So, if you are looking for a nice Mercedes-Benz second-hand car or nearly new car, a visit to Garage Moor will be profitable for you!